Eco-printed Nuno Felt Wrap
Eco-printed Nuno Felt Wrap

Eco-printed Nuno Felt Wrap

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This beautiful wrap is the result of many hours of foraging and gathering, plus the aroha and mahi involved in the Nuno Felting process. 

The wrap is made using New Zealand Merino Wool, 100% Chiffon Silk, and natural organic native plants from our garden. 

Eco-printing refers to the form of natural dyeing where the colours from plant material are transferred to the fabric via steaming or boiling.

 - Each wrap is individual and unique.

These natural organic wraps are ideal to wear on a chilly evening, as they are light, warm and comfortable. Eco-printing is experiencing a resurgence, and these wraps are great examples of a hand made craft that has again become very fashionable. 

 - A stainless steel Kilt Pin is included as a fastener for the wrap.

Measurements; 120 cms long (approx), 44 cms wide ( approx)

Care Instructions; Gentle hand wash only, using Eco Friendly Soap. Rinse in cold water, then roll the wrap in a towel and lay flat to dry in the shade.