Hemp Tea Towels
Hemp Tea Towels
Hemp Tea Towels
Hemp Tea Towels

Hemp Tea Towels

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These Hemp Tea Towels are made from 100% hemp fabric which has a rustic, natural, linen like appearance, and a soft texture. The fabric has the weight of heavy muslin. 

This fabric has been pre-washed prior to sewing, and washed again after dyeing with minimal shrinkage noticed.

These Tea Towels are 100% handmade by DirtyBikerSoapWorks. They are hand dyed using Indigo, a natural plant dye. The designs are made using Shibori folding techniques inspired by ancient Japanese dyeing methods. 

Recycled ribbon has been used as a hanging loop on the back of the Tea Towel. 

These Tea Towels are a good useable size, and measure 46.99cms x 64.77 cms (18 1/2 Inches x 25 1/2 inches)

Hemp Tea Towels are absorbent and quick drying.

Hemp has numerous environmental benefits that promote sustainability. Hemp fabric is made from the course fibre of the Cannabis plant. Hemp fibre is more sustainable than cotton, stronger than Linen, and wears practically forever. Hemp is biodegradable. 

Care of Hemp Tea Towels

Gentle hand wash or machine wash on gentle cycle using mild detergent. Do not bleach. Line dry to reduce shrinkage. May be ironed using warm to hot iron settings. 


Suggested uses for the humble Tea Towel.

- Great for drying dishes.

- Placing over a bowl of freshly kneaded dough.

- Lining a bread basket and for wrapping the bread.

- Attach to your waist to form an apron.

- Use as a drying mat for glasses and dishes from the dishwasher. 

- Covering food at picnics or BBQs

- Wrapping gifts, giving as a gift.

- Great house warming gift !!