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Ian and Jane have been fortunate enough to have sampled a great variety of products made by Hemp Farmers here in Aotearoa NZ, Australia, and Internationally.

As Hemp Seed Oil for Pets has become more widely available, it concerned us that some "Animal" products offered were using a lower grade of "Agricultural" Hemp Seed Oil.

Quality is important to us, and we needed to see that the highest quality oil was being used, and that the product was being bottled to the best food and hygiene standards available.  - Our furry friends are also our family.

We are now able to confidently offer you what we believe is the best available.

Your pets both large and small will LOVE their own Hemp Seed Oil (they know what's good for them) and you will soon see the benefits that this natural organic superfood offers them. 



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  • Hemp Seed Oil For Pets.
    Hemp Seed Oil For Pets.
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