"Is The Man Ready?"

Is the Bike Ready?

After enjoying the privilege of parking the blue Low Rider on the hard Oreti Beach sand, One Hot Babe and The Dirty Biker attended the Burt Munro Challenge Friday evening Beach Races, again as spectators. The resolve to be other than a spectator, alternately ebbs and flows, like the tides at the beach. 

 -Would the Man be ready? Would I have the nerve, the verve, the lack of care for my only human life, the gall, the guts, the nuts, to take part, gladiator like, in the "50 lapper"?

Would a 1978 Suzuki SP370 kick not electric foot trail bike be the beast to do it on? What if I stalled on the start line, my nightmare would come true.....

Image result for suzuki sp370

And could I stay on???

Have you SEEN those mad buggers go round that track??

The bike just needs a new clutch after I burned the last one out on a Trial ride in Garston 4 years ago. It sits, immobile, under a dust sheet in a corner of the garage, waiting to be rekindled......


Only time will tell. As I inhale the cheeky exhaust blasts of methanol mixed in with 88% proof whisky just as Burt recommended, "Just a nip, it won't hurt the old gal", I look and wonder.

The hill climb yes, I can see myself on the '89 250 FZR revving my jiggly bits off as I wait to hit first gear and first corner. The triumphant "made it" wheelie at begining and end.


Yep, I could do that.  - I think. 

The street race yes, I can imagine "Number 111 the entry from DirtyBikerSoapWorks has managed to get round three laps in the Pre 89 250cc category without falling off and YES ladies and gentlemen the rookie comes in last!!!" 

The Drag Races. Yep, the ex cop Beemer 1200RTP would be the go on that one. Nothing like a made to order close ratio box and final drive for chasing down the baddies. It only needs a suspension and steering rebuild after my fatefull fall on the Borland Road track whilst taking part in the 2018 TT2000........it has been garage bound since. A worthy project though....and the time to get it ready in.... 


Theres a theme here, Eh?

Everything is a maybe but it's all broken and needs fixing.....still, there is time, hopefully there is time. 

So the bikes aren't ready but they will be.

But not the Man. The Man has to be ready.

The Man has to have no regrets, no what ifs, no couldashouldawoulda. And there have been too many times in my life where commitment has been a runaway train, with me hanging off the last carriage, waving goodbye to what could have been. 

I want to do it.

I have to do it.

Hell I'm 65 this year and if I don't do it soon, I won't be ABLE to do it !!! 

God, please grant me the ability and the opportunity to do this.

So tomorrow dear friends, I will ride the Low Rider over the freshly sealed road between Invercargill and Riverton to open up The DirtyBikerSoapWorks Shop for the weekend, and I will be thinking of next February.

Because next February, The Man will be ready. The Bikes will be ready.

 - And The Burt Munro Challenge will be waiting. 





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  • Well, its about time.

    Looking forward to it!
    Shane Pleasance

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