Covid Schmovid!!!

We continue to experience interesting times.

We are into our third year of a Pandemic, and lately it seems as if President Putin of Russia is determined to start World War Three.  - Marvellous.

Almost every single body has been affected by this pandemic, and the end is yet to be seen. I don't possess any great insight nor wisdom concerning how to best navigate the challenges that forced behavioural change has foist upon us, but I have found the following helpful.

 - Love those who love you, like never before. Life's too damned short and too damned precious to waste. Let them know that you care.

 - Look after your immune system by ingesting Hemp Seed Oil daily, and other cannabinoids as the law and your budget allows. "Research shows" (God how that phrase is misused) that we have been deprived of natural organic protection against disease, and enhancement of our pre existing ability to nurture ourselves, by government intervention, for over 100 years. I hope that I will live to see a government allow us to freely cultivate and consume what is after all, only a naturally occurring plant, but I somehow doubt it.   

 - If it isn't too much to encompass, given my statement above, also, get yourself immunised against Covid 19 by becoming fully vaccinated. 

 - If you are wearing a mask when out and about, or when shopping, Thank You. I have an auto immune disease, and you are helping to mitigate my exposure to any new variances of Covid 19. I hate wearing a mask for more than is absolutely necessary, so, if I know you and you too are triple vaccinated, I'm happy to take the risk of further transmission, in order to have a conversation that reminds me of pre Covid times. But let's have the "Are you triple vaccinated?" conversation first, before dropping the guard. I had Covid in March 2020, and I don't recommend it. 

Otherwise, well life goes on for the living, eh? We are all battered and bruised, no one is the same, and we are all a little bit " all shook up" with elements of social division abounding (or propaganda versus bullshit as I call it) but human nature is to be gregarious, and to survive.

Oh and to drink coffee. That's important too. So, as "Fortress New Zealand" slowly reopens to the outer world, and the interesting times continue, let's find a way forward. A way that is based in the value set of love and compassion, with lovely bits of competitiveness attached.

And as tempting as it is, let's not fall victim to suspicion, fear, or hatred. 

For that is probably the biggest challenge of all.